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Should You Avoid selecting Popular Baby Names?

After giving birth to your baby, one of the most important gifts is to give him or her name as their identity. There are a number of parents who try gifting their child with names that are individual and unique. They certainly feel the importance of it and so they avoid selecting some of the most popular names. The social security administration each year provides with statistics of some of the most common names so it certainly is very much easy to try and eliminate these names from the list. But in case you decide to select name that is distinctive and unique there are certain pros and cons of it.

Certain names are very much popular as there are a number of people who are making use of them. So there is a motivation present in trying and selecting these popular names for your child. It does offer most parents with a feeling of comfort when selecting these names for their child. They are very much sure that their child's name might be familiar to most people around them and to the friends and other family members. They are also sure that their child might in fact not be embarrassed by his or her name and that their names shall not be misspelled or mispronounced by other people. There are also a number of disadvantages when picking a common name for their child as most parents also feel that their child might not stand apart from other children. Mistaken identity is also one of the main causes why most people avoid making use of common names for their children. In case you child is having a common name then there are more chances of confusions. Besides, there are a number of Joseph Johnson who always receives mail that is meant for someone else or even a bank calling them up for making their last payments clear.

These are few reasons why most parents avoid picking more common names for their child. You have to keep in mind that names gain popularity like tides. There are certain names that always maintain their popularity and so they are added to the list every year till they are completely edged out from the list and other names are added to it. These are the unique names that most parents try to pick and use. Names also have a tendency to follow a particular trend as earlier most parents named their children on famous mathematicians or philosophers. Certain types of names also have a tendency to run for about 100 years cycle till the original owner has completely been faded out of peoples memories. There are a number of people who always look around for names that are unique and exciting and so earlier common and unique names always tend to become unsaturated after some time.

Even if you are select a name that is not so common, it still has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are chances that your child might have to spell his name for most people. There are also chances that your child might have to try and correct most people when their names are pronounced. So no matter what name you select always ensure that your child is comfortable with it.

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